Some facts about us.


 When dentist Ilona Kozłowska opened her single-chair dental surgery on Bogusława Street in Szczecin back in 1983, she didn't expect to be un-able to recognize it in only a few years time.

Today, the Dental Practice KAdent consists of a team of experienced dentists and several dental chairs in a surgery decorated in welcoming colours. Both the surgery and the medical equipment comply with Polish and EU standards.

 From 2000, the practice has been jointly managed by Ilona Kozłowska and Adam Kozłowski.

 By endodontic treatment we use dental microscope produced by KAPS.


Dentistry Team:
Mrs. Ilona Kozłowska
Dr.med. Adam Kozłowski - manager - First Grade specialist of General Dentistry
Mrs. Elżbieta Beller-Bomersbach
Mrs. Ewa Marek
Mrs. Magdalena Kiedrowicz


Endodontics is a fast growing field of dentistry. It consists of a detailed cleaning of the root canals and then a filling with special materials.

When do we use endodontic treatment?

When a patient experiences problems resulting from a painful inflammation in a tooth, we would consider endodontic treatment. The problems could also appear in the bone neighbouring the roots of the tooth, and would appear in RTG pictures (Radiovisiography- available at KAdent- reduces the amount of radiation by up to 90% compared to traditional x-raying).
Endodontic treatment in the KAdent practice is carried out using only the latest treatment and root canal filling techniques. Our equipment is supplied by the leading manufacturers in the field.

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